May 9, 2016// Collaboration with Addem Ltd

Since January 2016, Addem Ltd (Tactical media – Strategic diffusion) has chosen to collaborate with Maracudja on a regular basis. You probably have seen the targeted communication channels of that dynamic and creative team already: cups, pizza boxes, golf balls, hangers, posters, etc. all strategically placed. Addem Ltd enables each advertiser to be in direct contact with its target audience and we are proud of the trust they have put in us. Below are some examples of the works that we have designed for them already.

January 29, 2016// Present your products and services in a clear and professional way

This new year already brings us various interesting projects among which the design of a corporate bifold brochure for a new Swiss company that is specialized in safety and security management. Do you need to present your products and services in a clear and professional way? Please contact us for a bid or if you have any questions.

December 3, 2015// Maracudja becomes a WIR Partner

We are happy to announce that from today on, we accept WIR francs on any of our services. Starting at 30% WIR, up to 100%, depending on the type of work. Contact us for more information.

June 17, 2015// Release of the Garage of St-Légier's website

The Garage of St-Légier‘s new website has just been released. Designed on the WordPress CMS, the site automatically adapts its layout to the user’s device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and enables the client to update its contents by himself. The Racing Experience subsite is awaiting to be released later this year.

April 22, 2015// Is your website "mobile-friendly"?

On the 21st of April 2015, Google has modified the way internet sites are ranked in every search launched from a mobile device. From yesterday on, the “mobile-friendliness” of a website will play a key role in its ranking position. (i.e. “responsive” websites that adapt to mobile screen sizes in terms of readability, layout, navigation, etc.).

Since 2013, we use responsive design techniques when developing new websites. Please feel free to ask for an estimate

March 12, 2015// Release of the Ti' Colibri's website

We have just completed the design of the new internet website of a small company that rents bungalows in Guadeloupe, “Le Ti’ Colibri“. Designed on a WordPress core and incorporating a specific booking plug-in, that site automatically adapts its layout to the user’s device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).